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Self Drive Adventure Uganda
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The Cheapest Self-Drive Car Rental you can Trust.

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Aventura sin conductor en Uganda
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El alquiler de vehículos sin conductor más económico en el que puede confiar.

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Selbstfahrer-Abenteuer Uganda
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Die günstigste Selbstfahrer-Autovermietung, der Sie vertrauen können.

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Aventure autonome en Ouganda
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La location de voiture sans chauffeur la moins chère à laquelle vous pouvez faire confiance.

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Selfdrive-avontuur Oeganda
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De goedkoopste zelfrijdende autoverhuur waarop u kunt vertrouwen.

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自驾探险 乌干达
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Self-drive Adventure Uganda

Welcome to Self-drive Adventure Uganda, The home of self driven memories in East Africa. We are the best provider of cheap Self-drive car rental in Uganda. Our rental services extend to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. As our name suggests, we specialize in organizing Self-drive Holidays in Uganda for our clients. If you are arriving in Uganda and would like to embark on a Self-drive Adventure in Uganda, Self Drive Uganda will give you the right car rental for your exciting road trip to any destination in East Africa. We are glad to either give you a round trip car rental or even a one way Self-drive car rental deal. Our self drive fleet of 4×4 Safari Rentals and the smaller Saloon Cars is too versatile that a car of your choice will be found for whatever adventure you plan to embark on. 

Looking for a 4×4 Self-Drive car rental for your road trip adventure? Self-Drive Adventure Uganda offers you the best deals for your self-drive vacation in Uganda.

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Our Saloon Car Rental in Uganda is comprehensive. We offer the most attractive and cheapest self-drive rental fees on Saloon car rental in Uganda.

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Our 4WD car rental in Uganda extends to East Africa. We offer Self-drive car rental services for your safari adventures in the whole of East Africa.

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Take an unforgettable journey through Uganda with our budget-friendly self-drive options. With Uganda’s unique landscapes and wildlife, you will get a lifetime dream holiday. With our affordable self-drive packages, you can explore this captivating country at your own pace.

What we Offer at Self-Drive Adventure Uganda

Toyota Wish Rental Uganda
Toyota Premio Rental Uganda
Toyota Ractis Rental Uganda
✇ Toyota Sienta Rental Uganda
✇ Toyota Vitz Rental Uganda

✇ Safari Van Rental Uganda
✇ Group and Family Car  Rental Uganda
✇ Toyota Rav4 Rental Uganda
✇ Prado Tx Rental Uganda
v8 Landcruiser Rental Uganda

✇ Bridal Car Rental Uganda
✇ NGO Car Rental Uganda
✇ Long-Term Car Rental Uganda
✇ Cross-Border Car Rental Uganda
✇ Game Park Rental Uganda
✇ Self-Drive East Africa Uganda

Self-drive Adventure Uganda

Why We Are The Best Self-Drive Uganda Car Provider.

We are committed to giving the best Uganda Car rental service at the cheapest rates. Our Cheap Car rental Uganda ensures you get the Best car you need at a price you can afford. There is a car for every one and for every budget in our fleet!

Whether you want a round trip adventure in East Africa or you simply want a one way road trip or even an airport transfer, Self-Drive Adventure Uganda has a package for you. 

We want you to experience Self-drive in Uganda and have the best memories when you return home. And we shall do our best to match your desires with the best suited self-drive car rental. Read More

Self-drive Adventure Uganda

One Way 4×4 Self Drive Car Rental Uganda

Self Drive Adventure UgandaAt Self-drive Adventure Uganda, we are committed to fulfilling your adventure dreams. We also know that you might want to start in one place and not want to return there. That’s why we offer you the option to have a 4×4 self drive car rental that allows you a one way self drive rental. In this way, you will start your adventure in one place but have no obligation to return there just because you have to bring back the rented car. 


We pick up the self-drive car wherever you decide to end your road trip adventure? There are no limits to how you want to have your fun! We ensure you enjoy your vacation on your terms and wherever you wish!

We want you to have fun at your own terms and our self-drive car rental will offer nothing less than that! Read More

Self-drive Adventure Uganda

Long-Term Car Rental Uganda

Long Term Car rental UgandaRegard less of the duration of your car rental, we have a self-drive car for you. Our Long-term car rental gives you access to mega discounts on your car rental. Renting a car for long-term use is a great way to ensure reliability and availability of your mobility solutions. You can rent a car on weekly basis, Monthly 30 day rental or Annual Car rental from Self-Drive Adventure Uganda. Read More for Details | Or Book Now 

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Self-drive Adventure Uganda Car Rentals Popular Cars

Prado TX Rental Uganda

One way Self-Drive Rental - Landcruiser Prado Tx - Self-drive Adventure Uganda

The Toyota Prado TX Rental in Uganda is a versatile Car rental vehicle that can handle any terrain in East Africa. The TX  Costs Only $65 per day. Rent a Tx today and start your Self-drive adventure.

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v8 Landcruiser Rental Uganda

v8 Landcruiser Rental Uganda - Self-drive Adventure Uganda

The Toyota v8 Landcruiser rental Uganda is a luxurious car rental option. It can come fitted with a rooftop tent for clients who love camping! If you need extra horsepower this landcruiser gives you just that!

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Safari Van Rental Uganda

Safari Van Rental Uganda - Self-drive Adventure Uganda

Our Safari Van Rental Uganda offers the most affordable Group transportation in East Africa.

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Saloon Car Rental

Saloon Car Rental Uganda

Our fleet offers Self-Drive Saloon car rental in Uganda. You can choose any sedan car for rental and we shall give it to you on self drive! 

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Toyota Rav4 Rental Uganda

Toyota Rav4 Rental Uganda

Rent a Toyota Rav4 for your Self drive rental in Uganda.

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Self-Drive car Rental with A Roof Tent

Self-Drive car Rental with A Root Tent

Love to camp? Rent a car with a rooftop tent for your camping adventure in Uganda!.

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Toyota Wish Rental

Toyota Wish Rental

Looking for a family car or Multi-purpose Car for rental? The Toyota wish might be Ideal for you? At only $40 per day you get a saloon seft drive with the Toyota Wish!

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Super Custom 

Super Custom Rental Uganda

This car is available for group travel. However at the moment, its only available for Car with a driver.

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Hiace Drone Rental

Hiace Drone for Your Group Tours in Uganda

Get a Hiace Drone for Your Group Tours in Uganda. The Toyota Hiace carries between 8 and 14 passengers. 

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Safari Landcruiser

Safari Landcruiser Rental

If you want a customized Safari Landcruiser for your dedicated safari in Uganda, You better choose a Safari Landcruiser with Us. We know what Safari Adventure is all about and we have the right Van for you!

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Alphard Car Rental Uganda

Alphard Car Rental Uganda

Rent a Toyota Alphard with a driver in Uganda. This mid sized van offers ample luggage space and great traveler comfort. 

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Toyota Noah Car Rental

Toyota Noah Car Rental

Rent a mid-sized Toyota Noah for your family travel and mid-size group car rental travel. The Toyota Noah is a sleek car and will suit your family travel needs. 

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Cost Of Renting a Self Drive Car in Uganda.

Here are the cost, rate and prices for renting a self drive car in Uganda. These prices are indicative not final. They are intended to simply help you plan your finances. If you are ready to book your self drive car, contact us using the form on the left to get a proper quote.

Self drive Uganda Prices

Car Less Than 14 Days More Than 14 Days Peak Season
Toyota Wish $40 $35 $45
Noah $60 $55 $65
Alphard $60 $55 $64
Rav4 $45 $40 $50
Prado Tx/Tz $65 $60 $70
Landcruiser v8/Gx $95 $90 $100
Safari Landcruiser $190 $180 $200
Safari Van – HiAce $80 $70 $85
Super Custom $70 $65 $80
Coaster Bus $160 $130 $170
Coach Bus $320 $300 $350

Car With A Driver - Adventure Uganda with a Car and a Driver

Rent A Driver - Self drive Adventure Uganda.You can choose to hire a driver for your Adventure in Uganda if you do not fancy Self-drive. Our Car rental with a driver gives you the opportunity to rent a driver guide along with your car rental. 


Our Driver guides are trained in customer service and defensive driving and are seasoned tourist guides. With our drivers you are not only getting a driver but also someone who knows where you are heading and how to get the best of your tour activities. 


Do not shoot in the bush without knowing where to hit. Rent our driver guides to take you on your Uganda adventure at an absolutely affordable rental fee of only $20 per day! 

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Why Self Drive car Hire for your Adventure in Uganda

✇ When you rent a self drive car you unlock a new level of adventure on your road trip in Uganda. Your self drive vacation allows you to choose only the activities you want to enjoy while on vacation.

Self drive trips in Uganda also allow you to explore Uganda at your own pace and time. Unlike scheduled safaris, you will be able to design your own itenariry and go throu it without anyone bossing you around! 

✇ If you want privacy, self drive roadtrips allow you to visit Uganda without an extra eye on what you do while on trip. Your safari in Uganda is meant to be a gateway where you let go of every stress not sitting around someone all day long!

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Cheap Self Drive Adventure Uganda - Cheap Car Hire Uganda

If you are looking for Cheap Self-drive Car Rental in Kampala, Uganda, we make your hunt shorter! The following are the best three cheap self drive car rental cars in Kampala, Uganda. You will not find anything cheaper in their category! Starting at only $30 you can rent a cheap car for self-drive in Kampala, Uganda and kickstart your long term travel. Feel free to talk to us if you want something different! Read more about our Cheap Self-Drive Uganda.

Toyota Landcruiser TX 

Toyota Landcruiser TX 

Looking for the Cheapest Self-drive car rental options for your Uganda adventure? The Toyota Tx offers a bit of luxury and efficiency at the same time. This cheap rental car is the most popular among rental clients. For only $65!

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Toyota Wish

Toyota Wish

Toyota Wish offers the cheapest long-term car rental for clients who wish to rent the car on monthly basis. At only $35 per dat for a discounted monthly fee you will get a Toyota Wish rental. 

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Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4

The Toyota Rav4 is the cheapest 4×4 car rental in Uganda. At only $45 per day you can rent the Rav4 for as long as you want. The Rav4 handles all your day today activities. While gradually becoming extinct, the Rav4 was once the travelers most loved 4×4 car rental car.

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Cheap 4×4 Last Minute Self-Drive Uganda.

Sometimes you need a car rental at the 11th hour. If you are looking for a same day car rental, Self-Drive Adventure Uganda offers cheap last minute car hire that might be of use to you. Our 11th hour car rental hire does not attract additional fees and you do not have to pay before arrival. The only problem with last minute car rental is you get to use any available car which might not be the most ideal if booked in time.

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Self-drive Adventure Uganda

Cheap 4WD Self-Drive Safari Uganda Car Hire

Our cheap Self-drive safari Car rental Uganda offers the best safari vehicles for your vacation rental to the National Game Parks. We have a selection of 4×4 Rentals that will handle the grit and grind of your National Game Park safaris. Whether you are planning a trip to Kidepo Valley National park or the alluring Queen Elizabeth National park, we have a car rental for you. For Gorilla enthusiasts and Chimpanzee trekkers, Our 4×4 national game park rentals will suit your needs. We know the terrain to the national parks isn’t that easy so we have assemble high performance 4×4 Car rentals to handle your game park travels in Uganda..

Self Drive To Kidepo Valley National Park

A good 4×4 Self-Drive car rental will be needed for your self-drive road trip to Kidepo. Self-Drive Adventure Uganda allows you to drive to Kidepo valley National Park. 

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Self Drive To Murchison National Park

Murchison National game park is the traveler favorite destination in Uganda. You can embark on a fun filled self-drive adventure to Murchison with our 4WD off-road car rental. 

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Self-Drive To Kibaale and Bwindi Game Park

You can drive yourself to the gorillas or the chimpanzees and explore Uganda’s wilderness on your own with our great selection of Self-drive offers. Drive to Kibaale and Bwindi

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Cross-Border Self Drive In Uganda.

Our Cross-border self drive allows you to take your 4×4 rental car across the border. You can rent a car in Uganda and drive it to Kenya Or Rwanda! Wherever you want to go in East Africa, our border crossing car rental will allow you to use one vehicle across borders. At Self-Drive Adventure Uganda, we help you with all requirements to have your rental car cross the border on your self drive road vacation. Find out more on our border crossing Car Rental.

Self Drive Pick-up Locations

Entebbe Self-Drive

Rent a self drive Entebbe and start your road trip adventure in Uganda. Our selection of 4×4 rental cars and the cheap saloon car hire will give you a car you need in Entebbe.

Jinja Self-Drive


Whether you plan to start your self-drive trip in Jinja or you are heading to Jinja, you can use Self drive Jinja rental fleet to get your ideal car rental. We also have group travel for bigger groups of travellers.

East Africa Self-Drive

Self drive East Africa offers you powerful 4×4 off-road reantal cars that can handle the rugged roads to all National Game Parks in East Africa. Whether you are heating to Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania or even Burundi, we have a great 4WD rental for you.

Mbarara Self-Drive


Mbarara city located in South Western Uganda is a major connecting city to most of the Game parks in Western Uganda and Rwanda. Our Mbarara Self drive can be used to access these national parks. This rental option is also ideal for rescue if your car breaks down while on Safari to any of the National Parks in western Uganda. We offer both a Plan A and Plan B so to speak.

Kampala Self-Drive

Whether you want an airport pick up or a pick up at your local hotel in Kampala, Kampala Self drive will work for you. We deliver your rental car anywhere you want to kick start your trip from. We offer both round trips and One way cheap car rentals.

Kidepo Self-Drive

Kidepo valley National park is one of the most visited National Parks in Uganda. It also happens to be the furthest park from Kampala city. With a journey taking over 10 hours of drive and half the way on unpaved roads, one needs a powerful car rental for Kidepo Safari. Our dedicated Kidepo self drive features carefully selected vehicles that can handle the roughness of this trip.

Best Of Uganda - Best Self Drive Uganda Safaris

Are you thinking of self drive Safari in Uganda? The cost of renting a self drive car in Uganda start as low as $25 per day for saloon cars and $45 for 4×4 Self-drive car rentals.  Besides Car rental, Self-drive Adventure Uganda offers free trip planning for our self-drive Safari and driver guided clients. 


We have compiled the best, most amazing and popular itineraries for best self drive Uganda safari experience. Feel free to choose from well planned itineraries or adjust them according to your preferences. These self-drive Safari  itineraries will take you to Uganda’s leading tourist destinations to see the best of Uganda. These are the best self-drive safaris Uganda has to offer.

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Uganda

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Uganda

Uganda’s number one tourist destination is undoubtedly Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The park is home to large families of the rare Mountain Gorillas. In this 3 days safari, you will be able to see these amazing creatures roaming freely in their natural habitat. Its an amazing opportunity you can only catch in Uganda.


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3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park

3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the home of the very unique tree climbing lions. A safari here is extremely captivating. A 3 days self-drive safari to Queen Elizabeth National park will also usher you some amazing game drives and unmatched boat cruises as you watch the hippos and crocodiles. You can easily add Lake Mburo to this Itinerary.


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3 Days Murchison Falls National Park Safari

3 Days Murchison Falls National Park Safari

This safari combines Murchison and Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. Murchison Falls National Park hosts one of the world’s most powerful water falls. A self-drive safari to Murchison Falls National Park will truly be breath taking. Its also home to many wildlife species that include lions, leopards and many others.


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What Our Clients Say

Car Rental Agreement

We want us to start on the same page. The more we both understand your car rental terms the better to avoid misunderstandings. We know that in the rush of starting ones adventure, one may not carefully read their car rental agreement. This sometimes leads to violations out of not knowing ones obligations. We have tried to summarize the terms of renting a self drive car in Uganda so we make it easy for you to capture the most important aspects of your car rental agreement. Read More.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Hire A Car In Uganda?

The cheapest place to hire a self drive car is from Self drive adventure Uganda. Our car rentals start at only $25. Read More

What is the meaning of self drive tour?

Literally speaking, a self-drive tour refers to a travel itinerary by a travel agencies usually including a car rental to be driven by the renter. Read More

Can you self drive in Tanzania?

Absolutely Yes. You are free to embark on a self-drive or driver guided tour in East Africa with any of our 4×4 Self-drive car rentals.

Which country is best for self-drive?

Generally, Uganda and Rwanda are less challenging for self drive compared to Kenya and Tanzania. But for experienced drivers, no place is inaccessible in East Africa.

Requirements For Renting a Self Drive Car In Uganda

Renting a Self-Drive car is a great and exciting way to discover the gem that Uganda has to offer. With a self Drive rental, you will be able to tour the country at your own pace and terms. With our great fleet of 4×4 car rental in Kampala, Uganda, your travel needs will definitely me matched with a befitting rental car at a cheap price. While the process of renting a self drive car rental is simple and straight forward, you will need some requirements to get your car rental approved. At Self-Drive Adventure Uganda, booking a self-drive car typically requires the following.

Copy of Passport

Copy of Passport

Before you can rent a car for self-drive, we need to prove your identity. The best way to ascertain the true identity of the renter if to present a copy of your passport.

Driving License

Driving License

Before you drive in Uganda, you will need a valid driving license. The traffic police may ask for its original copy from time to time. For that matter we request a copy of your license when renting a self-drive car.

Make a Payment

May a payment

To confirm your car rental reservation, you need to make a payment. We generally demand that renters deposit at least 30% of their rental fee to confirm their booking.

Sign Agreement

Car rental Agreement

Before you take our rental car, you will need to read and sign our car rental agreement. The rental agreement spells out the terms and conditions of use for our rental car.

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